The Data Analytics in Procurement Program of the World Bank aims to achieve better development outcomes from public procurement through the utilization of data and information technology. You can contact us at:

The challenge

Public procurement accounts for a significant portion of countries’ economies, representing anywhere from 10-25% of GDP. This means that even small improvements in procurement efficiency or value for money can have major impacts on reducing poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

While many private sector firms have harnessed the power of real-time data and technology to improve procurement performance and increase value for money, the public sector has lagged far behind in making use of data to address procurement challenges.

Our program

The World Bank’s Public Integrity and Openness Directorate in the Governance Global Practice has identified Data Analytics in Procurement as a key component of its efforts to catalyze improvements in public procurement practices and outcomes.

The Program aims to develop approaches, tools, expertise and learning on how to integrate data and analysis into the management of procurement systems and practices to better understand and improve the value obtained from procurement.

Our approach

Together with country clients and World Bank practitioners, the program will:

  • identify challenges to obtaining value through public procurement
  • outline hypotheses
  • develop indicators
  • collect and link up data
  • develop methodologies and dashboards to analyze and visualize the data
  • create action plans based on findings
  • strengthen capacity to integrate data analytics into existing systems and practices

Our primary partners will be select governments and World Bank staff, who can use the data, tools and methodologies developed to analyze and improve their procurement practices. We will also engage with civil society organizations, private sector firms and researchers interested in using the data to better understand and drive improvements in procurement.

Dimensions of Procurement Performance and Outcomes

The program will focus on measuring and analyzing four dimensions of procurement performance:

  • timeliness
  • cost-efficiency
  • fairness
  • contract management

and three dimensions of outcomes:

  • capital investment
  • public service delivery
  • private sector development

These dimensions have been identified based on initial requests from country clients and the World Bank.


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